The Mitchell Report

Following is a guest post written by Rich Ackerman, one of today’s leading voices in sports commentary…

The findings of the Mitchell Report left me feeling as though I had just seen a well-hyped blockbuster movie that fell short of expectations. The investigation and its findings are a sign of progress, but it’s just a start. Bud Selig said he’ll deal with the players on the list on an individual basis. I’m not sure how he’s going to do this given that some of the names are those of retired players. And what happens to the statistics accumulated during this time?

The names on the list confirmed suspicions that a lot of us had. Roger Clemens is easily the player that stands to lose the most. He’s been the best pitcher of this generation and now his Hall of Fame candidacy is in jeopardy. There were other big names, former All-Stars and Most Valuable Players, but there were many fringe players as well. But what may have been more newsworthy were names that weren’t on the list. The investigation was comprehensive but it only followed leads that were already public. It failed to uncover anything further.

Still, I’ll be excited come spring training. Baseball has had scandals before, whether it’s the Black Sox of 1919 or the drug scandal of the early 80’s, and has survived. While today’s events left me disappointed, it is important to remember it is a start. Now it’s up to Bud Selig, Major League Baseball, and the Players Association to not drop the ball. Let’s hope they have good hands.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Rich attended NYU and graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.  He worked at radio stations in Charlotte, Washington DC and Chicago before joining ESPN Radio, where he hosted the 1997 NBA Draft lottery, the NBA on ESPN studio show and the WNBA finals.  Rich currently handles 20/20 updates for WFAN All-Sports Radio.


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  1. Jay on

    Rich, interesting comments and thoughts. I believe Bud Selig and his crew used George Mitchell’s untarnished reputation as an attempt to give this entire investigation an aura of honesty. Did it work? Time will tell. Bud Selig — BS for short.

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