Where have you gone, Casey Stengel?

Okay, I admit it. I’m a Mets fan. Still. But it ain’t easy.

No need to get into the entire Willie Randolph firing and how it went down. Let’s just say that I was a big Willie fan. Not so keen on the Shea suits.

Which got me to thinking…

Supposedly, the Mets are a Championship caliber team (at least according to GM Omar Minaya and owner Wilpon Family). But, if they’re potential Champions, how come they don’t have one legitimate All-Star? Take a look at their individual stats. With the possible exception of Billy Wagner, you’d have a difficult time making the case for any of the Mets being on this year’s National League All-Star team.

The 2008 New York Mets. Champions?

I can only imagine what Casey Stengel would have said about that.


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