Breaking News: Troubled Citigroup Says It Will Keep Naming Deal With Mets

In 2006, Citigroup agreed to a 20-year, $400 million contract to name the New York Mets’ new stadium Citi Field.

In November 2008, Citigroup announced it planned to eliminate 52,000 jobs.

Okay, I don’t claim to be an economics whiz.  All I remember about my economics course at NYU is the textbook was written by Paul Samuelson.  What the textbook taught, I have no clue.  So, that should put me on even footing with the CEO of Citigroup.

Let me get this straight… Citigroup laid off 52,000 workers.  That’s 52,000 families with a lot of worries.  And, even if some of them are Mets fans, I have a feeling they’re not worried about the Mets middle relief staff for next season.  At the same time, Citigroup is going to keep shelling out $20 million a year, for the next 20 years, to have their name in lights on the new ballpark in Flushing?

Flushing.  Quite appropriate.  I figure it’s only a matter of time before the current management team at Citigroup is flushed into the Hudson River.  Shortly thereafter, look for news that Citigroup will no longer have naming rights at Shea Stadium (oops, I mean Citi Field).

Given the state of the economy, maybe then I’ll jump into the bidding.  Bergino Field.  Sounds kind of nice.  My bid:  $3.77.  

Don’t laugh.  That’s the current price of a share of Citigroup.


1 comment so far

  1. Jay Grossman on

    You couldn’t be more correct.
    Mets shouldn’t be so greedy about $ either.
    Should be like the Yankees and call it “Yankee Stadium”

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