To be in Playboy, you better have Beautiful Baseballs

We’ve never believed in tooting our own horn.  Over the years, we have put extreme effort into simply making a beautiful, handmade item, and then offering it to America at a fair price.  By doing so, we’ve gotten a fair amount of publicity.  But, sometimes, things happen and they deserve a toot.

I mean, come on, when I started this company I never figured we’d make the pages of Playboy.  I envisioned the possibility of us being featured in such places as the Baseball Hall of Fame, Saks Fifth Avenue, and the Museum of Arts & Design.  That all happened.  But, Playboy?!  Well, there we are, on page 23 of this month’s issue.  

A few pages after quite a nice photo of the alluring British actress Emily Blunt… and a few pages before Aleksandra Eriksson, a 19-year-old Swedish Supermodel (need I say more?), you’ll find the Constitution Baseball, handmade by Bergino.

Check it out.  You’ve now got a helluva excuse to run out and buy Playboy.

This Hugh Hefner guy… genius.  Toot!



3 comments so far

  1. Jimmy Scott on

    Gotta admit, that’s pretty cool.

  2. Jim @ on

    I agree, pretty cool! Congrats!!

  3. Simon Z on

    Playboy surely is “ahead of the ball”. Now if only ESQUIRE, GQ and other magazines would follow? Kudos to you Bergino!

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