Major League Baseball is No Joke

Following is a guest post written by our friend, the comedian Steve Mittleman

I’m a lifetime New York Mets fan.  My son, his best friend and his best friend’s dad also lifetime Mets fans.  So we drove to see the Mets and Johan Santana yesterday in San Diego, as we have the last few years.  We got seats in the shade – which meant for us the right field bleachers.  From our vantage point we had a dead center view of the Mets dugout.  


They all deserve to be reprimanded for lack of professional behavior.  Granted, they pitched well and had some clutch hitting.  I take nothing away from that effort.  But, on the field, they just played it out.  If the chips fell into place, they were going to win one… (out of four).  They (and the Padres) stunk up the joint.  Sporadic effort at best.  They deserve to refund the fans.  Two teams with (in their minds) nothing to play for?  How about playing for the fans.  How about acting like they care.  What a waste of money.  I have never hated a bunch of primadonas like I now hate the Mets.   We (the two dads) spent $40 on tickets, $40 on food and $15 on parking, plus gas.  Not to mention the two and a half hours each way from LA.  It’s all relative – money is money is money.


I know I’m venting here, but there’s a drop more:  I noticed a foul ball hit into the Mets dugout — not one player moved or flinched or went to grab it or reacted in anyway — it was like watching a bunch of mannequins.  This was reflected on the field and it says a lot about their season.


Finally… Celebration-Gate:  When the last out was made, the bench just sat there — versus of course being excited about a victory and maybe even about not being swept.  They sat there. They paused and they reluctantly (very reluctantly) went on the field to do the high five with their teammates who just closed out the win.  They just sat there till they realized, “hey, we won, oh s**t that means I have to act like I care and move my over-priced ass up out of the dugout and show some life on the field.”   It’s no coincidence that when I mentioned I noticed this to my buddy Chuck, he said, “I noticed it, too.”  


The whole team, maybe organization, is a cancer in the clubhouse.  Pathetic.


Steve Mittleman is a wonderful comedian of some notoriety (over 90 TV appearances).  If you’re interested in hiring a sure-fire funny man for events — or just want to laugh — check out his website:



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